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Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Reason To Do Bike To Work

Bicycles, seems so simple and simple. A tool that is very global transportation, along with the growth in time bike is not just a simple transportation tool again. Bicycle transportation is now a vital tool, especially major cities are overcrowded vehicles.

Bike to work is now very global, developing issues of global warming and increasingly crowded roads for motorized transportation, bicycles to transport the current selection.

"Bike To Work", a slogan we hear a lively and often emblazoned on the streets not only in Indonesia but in foreign countries. Actually, whether the reason for using a bicycle to the office or globally can say "reason to cycle to work".

There are five fundamental reasons why we bike to the office or workplace, Longer life (longevity), Improved Health (improving health), More Energy (increasing power), Lower Cost (cheap and efficient) and Extra Fun (makes our hearts are always happy ).

Five reasons above are very common and reasonable, the average biker really understand it - Cycling to make yourself better than anyone else viewed from any viewpoint.

Here's a more detailed explanation of Cycling Plus, the reason why we have to bike to work.

1. Feeling Good and Happy Always
Cycling can help you increase confidence in addition to fitness that you can. Spending time outdoors (outdoor), will greatly entertain you, this is thanks to the ability of sunlight that is able to increase the hormone "serotonin".

So if you feel whole and stress for too long in front of an office desk, it's time you ride and enjoy the sunshine. In the office you will only get 300lux of lighting and daylight entering the office, outside the office you will receive sunlight 1000lux despite cloudy weather. When the day is full sunlight to reach the 10,000-25.000lux. So what are you waiting, feeling stressed at the front desk, grab a bike and move around for a while.

The benefits of getting more sunlight, you'll get better sleep quality. Stanford University School of Medicine do research about it, many people with insomnia (difficulty sleeping), do with cycling pretty refreshing 20-30 minutes each day, the results continue to increase their sleep time.

Professor Jim Horne from Loughborough University's Sleep Research Centre explains, "exercise outside when the sun is good", "It helps get the rhythm back to normal sleep, the hormones that support healthy sleep back to normal".

2. Longevity
Dr Lynn Cherkas of King's College London, said "Our research found that those who exercise regularly are very low risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity".

According to the British Heart Foundation, about 10,000 fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if the person's condition is always fit. Studies from Purdue University in the United States has shown that cycling regularly - even at least 20 miles a week - can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 percent.

Cycling can also prevent you from digestive diseases, according to Dr Ana Raimundo "Physical activity helps reduce the time it takes food to move through the large intestine, limiting the amount of water absorbed back into your body and make the stools become soft."

Do aerobic exercise such as cycling also helps speed up breathing and heart rate, which helps to stimulate contractions of intestinal muscles more regularly. "As well as preventing you from feeling bloated and protects against colon cancer," explains Dr. Raimundo.

3. Transportation cost-efficient
For this reason a definite and very clear, according to transportation research agency in the UK, the annual cost of car ownership in Britain is around £ 5869, the biggest is the cost of fuel.
Compare it with the fuel price per liter is how much, compare it with the sweat that we spend with a healthy bonus.

In countries that do not have great results if it becomes natural for fuel, raw materials derived fuel from other countries. And of course the country concerned is sometimes highly dependent on oil pengexport country even in debt. There is nothing wrong if we start thinking about how our oil reserves running low, time for cycling and help reduce excessive fuel consumption.

4. Diet Solutions
A dream for everyone to get the ideal body weight, obesity is a scourge for many people, excess weight are vulnerable to disease.

Sports psychologists found that the body's metabolic rate - can be efisienkan with that burn calories and fat.
The burning of calories and fat, not only occurs when you are cycling, but after the break after cycling it still happens.
"Even after cycling for 30 minutes you can burn with a higher number of total calories for several hours after you quit," said Mark Simpson Loughborough University.

Many people who want to lose weight think to go jogging outside the home, maybe this is way early to start a diet with exercise.
But when jogging was not able to burn maximum fat, think about it: two to three times your body weight into the load through your body when the foot strikes the ground directly.

Instead, start bicycling - most of your weight is taken and detained by the saddle so that the frame body and your joints do not have direct contact with soil.

One of the most attractive benefits of cycling for health and fitness goals is that you combine it with cycling to work (bike to work), come early and feel fitter arrived at work.

You'll also become fitter by the day without heavy physical exercise, and feel and look younger. According to the National Forum Foundation's Coronary Heart Disease in the United States, people who regularly used to enjoy cycling fitness level equal to a person 10 years younger. It's incredible wonders and benefits of cycling.

5. Save The Earth (save Earth)
Go Green, hopefully it's not just a motto for most people. Start with cycling, with the little things that you contribute a large role in saving the planet are increasingly filled with pollution.

It takes less than 5% of material cars to make bikes, but bike is zero pollution. Can you imagine that one cars can make how many bikes.
Pollution is a scourge in many big cities, crowded streets are very dirty air effect not only on our bodies but on earth where we live life. So what are you waiting began biking and save the planet.

Of the five reasons we've described, you can certainly take your own conclusions about the benefits of cycling. Starting from the physical benefits, financial and environmental course.

Improve Your Sprint Capacity

For professional riders, especially riders sprint specialists (sprinter) is the absolute leading edge finish at the finish line, while the hobbies or sports enthusiasts especially those concerned with sport bike racing bike, must have wondered how they could spur roadbike until it reaches the speed of 40mph (64.37 km / h) even more.

Until now, there is no doubt that the fastest sprinter the pro tour is a Briton of Columbia HTC "The Mankman" Mark Cavendish. As for the king's Velodrome is the Briton Chris Hoy, the sprinter was able to spur their bikes up to 60mph.

Chris Hoy and Mark Cavendish, the two of them are sprinters. They are capable of being the fastest on track but Hoy and Cavendish will have different disciplines in terms of Sprint.
Chris Hoy Velodrome that requires competing in a sudden and instant acceleration. Chris Hoy when the start standing up, while Cavendish is a Pro Tour rider roadrace that require endurance (durability) is more than a sprint racer Velodrome (track).

Cavendish has a resistance (endurance) is good. Not only endurance, Mark Cavendish also has a perfect team, Columbia HTC deliver and protect the Cavendish to get a good position when the sprint.

Sprint, there are basically three main things that be key to improving our sprint skill that is;
1. Endurance is a large output
2. Weight proportional
3. Anaerobic Tolerance is good

If you want to improve the ability of Sprint, there are several things to be aware of them is a perfect technique, perfect coordination (team work) and of course make perfect practice model.

Robbie McEwen, you certainly remember the name of this Australian sprinter who had joined the Lotto-Adecco in this 2002-2008 year.
McEwen is a sprinter who is very intelligent, he is very astute in matters of technique sprint diajang Pro Tour.

Even without a tandem team, Robbie can take advantage of other teams to pull it up to get a good position before the finish line.
Despite all the controversy when competing, like playing rough with elbowed opponent sprints and blocking an opponent with Head Butt (blocking the opponent with his head). Robie was a brilliant sprinter in his time.

Robbie's best achievement is to win the Green Jersey TDF (2002, 2004, 2006), may not be as famous as Eric Zabel and Mark Cavendish but the high technique which is owned Robbie made him legendary.

If you want to excel in this field (sprint), practice, practice, practice is key. However, remember that the techniques are best learned when the body is at position 100% fit, not when you are fatigue (tiredness).

Here are some tips to enhance the ability of Sprint:
Hill sprints:
Up hill practice, aims to train against the gradient. Train ability is 20-40 seconds and continues to increase. The exercise is ideally performed in a tooth (chainring) are great.
Determine the location of the rolling tracks (derivative-ramp) are fast, Train Hill Sprint location capability is rapidly descending and rising rapidly.
Increase the ability of the rolling Hill Sprint long.

Sprint Jumps:
Can be done alone or with your partner, set the speed every 10 seconds. Sprint first at normal speed, proceed with recovery (recovery), 10 seconds and continue by a sprint back with a higher speed. Do it over and two or three times for a total of 5-minute sprints and recovery 5 minutes.

Go long:
Jumps Almost the same as Sprint, but the tracks are longer and longer intervals. You can use the electric poles along the road as the benchmark sprint and recovery intervals. Try speed continues to increase, if it had started to decline immediately stop exercising and try to take a break.

Play racing:
Practice make perfect, after conducting the basic several sprint time simulation on long distance routes. In addition to improving your endurance, sprint exercise at a pace that is set to continue to improve sprint performance rider. Can be started with 30mph and continues to increase. Set the recovery interval strategy (recovery) to perform the next sprint. Such training sessions are also useful for developing team tactics and find a decent driver into your team's sprinter.

Performance of the body when the sprint:
In general, the sprint is only done only a few seconds the maximum is 30 seconds. For the first second or two of the sprints, you will use high-energy compound and the basic unit of energy in the body, ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). After that, stored ATP depleted.
Energy peaked in the first 10 seconds, your body switch to another compound of creatine phosphate (CP), to produce more ATP. All this is done without the need of oxygen (anaerobic).
During the 10 seconds to sprint, ATP produced carbohydrates break down - a process called glycolysis (pyruvate process).

Physiology sprint is not as complicated as improve your endurance capabilities. Riders using the energy stored in the body as a whole and after it is gone and pretty much missing. When you do a sprint into the last kilometer or in the Velodrome track, you may not drink or even eat the gel energy booster.
Because food and beverages are not processed immediately by your body. Practice diligently and hone sprint technique is a major capital increase your Sprint ability.

Hopefully the above tips useful for riders who want to go faster in roadrace event or just a hobby.

Tips for Long Distance Route

Cycling in long distance certainly spent a lot of energy, tiredness (fatigue) that the length of course can make the condition of the body to drop, what we need is the recovery (recovery) are quick to re-gain condition 100% fit.

Rest, exercise adequate recovery and proper nutrition for the body is very supportive of success and whether or not the process of recovery of physical condition.

Here are tips Recovery (recovery) after ridding exhaustive:

1. After doing enough rest i.e 1-2 days after a long journey, back cycling with heating for about 20 minutes at a light (easy riding). Increase the intensity of 18 or 19 minutes to start breathing.

2. Plan a route or track suit for recovery, flat route and climb-down is mild (sweet spot) is very suitable for the recovery process. Shifting to the big chainring and sprocket select medium (middle).

3. Try to err on the saddle stand and start the sprint. Try to calculate the pedal stroke, just 25 times in each time you sprint. Set the interval of time each time you do a sprint, keep your speed rhythm. 6 times the sprint was perfectly adequate for recovery. Exercise can be petrified we relax the leg muscles are tense.

4. After 6 times a sprint, take the time to take a route down the light and flat enough 20 to 30 minutes. If you are using a power meter workout you do is translated as follows:
88 t-94% is Functional Threshold Power (FTP), 80 to 90 percent of maximal heart rate - an upper zone and lower zone three four.
The normative results on each rider.

5. Cycling on the route mild (sweet spot) is very helpful success of the recovery process. After the recovery process is over, try to exercise cooling with easy riding for approximately 10 minutes.

In addition to physical exercise, the recovery process can be aided by supplements of vitamins and nutrients. If it is physical exercise keeps the body to be fit, maybe the option to use vitamins can be ruled out.

Try taking a multivitamin and mineral with antioxidants, nutrients must be balanced degan quality, which are recommend below;

1. Glutamine
Glutamine is an amino acid that can be made in the body, Glutamine widely circulated in the blood and stored in skeletal muscle. Glutamine plays an important role in the formation of body protein, immune system function, and as a backup fuel for the brain.
Depletion of these substances make the body vulnerable to infections and fatigue. Glutamina many athletes as a supplement, to replace muscle fatigue immediately, due to heavy exercise.

2. Magnesium
electrolytes and essential component of over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Low levels can contribute to fatigue and muscle aches. Available in powder or capsule form.
Omega 3 fish oil

3. Omega 3
Omega 3 produces anti-inflammatory, so try taking a teaspoon of high quality fish oil.

Do not make fatigue make you give up for long distance touring, the proper recovery and actually making physical and endurance (resistance) you up.